Special Thanks

In loving memory of our special wedding guest who was taken from us all too soon.

We love you, Kate.


Stan & Carol Lee Bishop

Terry M. Hill

Gabriela Turney – Bridezilla Events

Sheree Green – The Living Desert

The Spirit of Troy – USC Marching Band

Anthony Starble & Azhia Velazquez

Mitch Hernandez

D&R Catering



Diane Buzzetta, Ramsay Mclean, Mandi Scarselletta, Spencer Wells, Taebastian Spriggs

 Wedding Weekend Production & Planning:

Chelsea Gilson, Stephanie Miller, Katie DiMento, Erika Tuzkov, Eugene Tuzkov, Manny Velazquez, Gerrit Warnshuis, Aimee Reed, Angie Donatoni, Jamie Rabin, Justin Jones

Bachelor Festivities:

Erika Tuzkov, Taebastian Spriggs, Angie Donatoni, Cyrus Chini, Mercedes Dalton, Mandi Scarselletta


Morris Aroesti & Adina Valenzuela


Misael Audelo & Ripsime Avetisyan