Wedding Party

Members of the ‘I Do Crew’:


Markus Hill’s Wedding Party 

  • Best Man:  Taebastian Spriggs
  • Matron of Honor:  Erika Tuzkov
  • Groomsman: Ramsay Mclean
  • Groomsmaid: Emily Hill
  • Groomsmaid: Molly Hill
  • Groomsmaid: Katie J. DiMento
  • Groomsmaid: Aimee Reed
Father of the Groom: Terry M. Hill (from above)
Mother of the Groom: Ruth Ann Hill


Jeff Bishop’s Wedding Party

  • Best Man: Cyrus Chini
  • Maid of Honor: Angie Donatoni
  • Groomsman: Bryce Tom
  • Groomsman: Tom Harwood
  • Groomsman: Pat Oldenburg
  • Groomsmaid: Brittany Mathieu
Father of the Groom: Stan Bishop
Mother of the Groom: Carol Lee Bishop


Wedding Ushers

  • Usher: Brian Dare
  • Usher: Jon Klaft
  • Usher: Matthew Scott Montgomery
  • Usher: Daniel Montgomery
  • Usher: Lou Flores
  • Usher: Kurtis Hingston
  • Usher: Jesse Montana


Joining Jeff and Markus during the ceremony was their beloved pet and joy of their lives, Rex, walked by Groomsman Ramsay Mclean.